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Book review: Cave Baby by Julia Donaldson & Emily Gravett

The latest book in C’s weekly reading list is Cave Baby by children’s laureate, Julia Donaldson. Illustrations are done by Emily Gravett, twice winner of the Kate Greenaway medal.

From the reviews online, I’ve noted that this is Emily’s first picture book collaboration. Two big names – nothing could go wrong! I must say that I love the result of the pairing – lovely text written in Julia’s rhythmic style, with beautiful and witty illustrations done by Emily.

Prior to this, I’ve introduced C to both authors, but unfortunately she didn’t really take to the previous books – the Gruffalo was too ugly, and Wolves was not her cup of tea either. With Cave Baby, however, it was a totally different story. She loved it!

The story starts by introducing an adorable prehistoric baby (in a diaper made of leaves, no less!), and his busy parents. The bored baby soon finds a pot of paint and a paint brush, and adds creative touches to the murals in his cave (hmm… sounds familiar!) Understandably upset, his dad threatens him with prospect of being carried off by a mammoth to a big brown bear. That very night, his words come true, and the baby is swiped off on an adventure!

C found the text easy to read, and I enjoyed the clever  illustrations. Subtle hints of the bear that the baby  was supposed to meet are found on every page. We had fun looking for the hidden bears!

Can you find the bear?

Whether the baby really meets the bear in the end, I leave it for you to find out =)