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Lapbook – Birds of Prey

At the beginning of this year, I was first introduced to the term “lapbook” by a homeschooling friend, who uploaded a sample of a lapbook done together with her daughter. I loved the finished product! Intrigued by the name, I did some googling on the topic, and was struck by the simplicity and versatility of the concept. It was placed on my to-do list ( a looooong list, haha!) and I finally got down to doing one with C over the long weekend.

Since she was learning about birds in school, I decided to start with a ready-made template from the internet on the topic of birds of prey.

Starting lapbooking
Downloading the template was easy enough, but there was quite a bit of cutting and pasting to be done. The graphics were pretty, and C really liked the card pocket (she wanted to bring it to school for show and tell!) Unfortunately, none of the books recommended were available from the library, but we managed to find other books on the topic; the internet was also a valuable source of information!

We worked on the lapbook the whole afternoon, reading the books and articles to fill in the templates. I was really proud of her for being able to concentrate on the task for such a long time.

Here’s the completed lapbook!

Completed lapbook “Birds of Prey”

Lessons learnt
Besides learning more about birds of prey, it was also a good exercise on reading comprehension and writing practice! C really enjoyed doing the lapbook, and was really proud of the result. I enjoyed the process too, and am now working on a second lapbook, made from scratch this time. Stay tuned for my next lapbook project!