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Postcard Exchange – Adelaide, Australia


Yet another beautiful postcard arrived in our mailbox today! This card was sent by Linda over at M & A’s World. She hails from Melbourne, but this card was sent while she was on vacation to Adelaide. Check out the gorgeous pics from her vacation in this post.

I enjoy her weekly photo challenge posts, especially those that capture her kids enjoying the moment. This is my current favourite picture. Notice the missing shoe? 😉

It’s great to be part of the postcard exchange – pretty postcards in my mailbox instead of bills, and I get a glimpse of life in other parts of the world 🙂 It’s also a great learning opportunity for C, who is more thrilled than I am to get the postcards 😉

Anyone else interested in the postcard exchange? Do drop me a comment below if you are! 🙂


Postcard Exchange: New South Wales, Australia

Kingscliff, New South Wales Australia

Kingscliff, New South Wales Australia

We received this absolutely gorgeous postcard sent by Rachael from mummy flying solo in our mailbox recently. Just look at the beautiful beach and the emerald green waters… I can almost hear the gentle waves lapping at the shore *bliss*  Makes me feel like flying down to Australia right now! 🙂

Rachael is an amazing mummy of a 2-year old little boy who faces the challenges of parenting alone. I love the humour, honesty and positivity in her posts. Reading her posts do make me feel better… at least I’m not alone in epic parenting fails, haha!

If you’ve not been by Rachael’s blog yet, please do. And check out this hilarious post on her take as a supermodel. You won’t be disappointed 😉

On a more serious post, she recently did a great post on safety awareness on the baby cot’s position. Do take time to read and share if you can.

Thanks Rachael for the great postcard!

If you are interested in the postcard exchange, do leave me a comment  below:)

Loafty aspirations

In a bid to become more domesticated, I recently purchased the Kenwood BM250, a breadmaker that promised to turn out perfect results, even for beginners like me.

Last Sunday afternoon, since we had nothing planned, I decided to give it a go and try baking.

My Kenwood bm250

My Kenwood bm250

The Kenwood came with a recipe book, but I had heard feedback from my friends that the results didn’t turn out too well. So I turned to trustworthy Google for some “easy bread-maker recipes”.

Given my woeful lack of experience in the kitchen, most of the recipes I found were far from easy. (That said, anything with more than five ingredients is complicated to me! And the measurement conversions! 🙄 ) I finally found one that promised a fool-proof loaf; and the recipe only specified six ingredients –  bread flour, vegetable oil, yeast, sugar, salt and water.

Simple ingredients

Simple ingredients

The instructions: add the yeast and sugar to warm water, wait for 10 minutes, then add flour, salt and oil. Ok, simple enough, until I realized I had nothing to measure the temperature of the water (45 deg C) with. So I measured out some water that was warm to the touch and hoped for the best. Next, yeast. The yeast was supposed to foam, but I didn’t see any action (to the experienced bakers who are laughing at this right now, seriously, what am I supposed to see? There was no foam?)

After 10 minutes, I added the flour and oil, then started the machine. And crossed my fingers.

Here’s the result 3 hours later:

My perfect loaf!

My perfect loaf!

Success! The bread was deliciously soft and fluffy with a flaky crust. The recipe was indeed fool-proof (I think C, my 6 year old, could have easily done it on her own). Best of all, the kids liked it!

I think I will try a chocolate loaf next, but I need help here: do I just add cocoa powder?

Do you have any (really easy) breadmaker recipes to share?

Postcard Exchange – Texas!


Look what arrived in our mailbox last week – a beautiful postcard showing the pretty landscape in Texas! Love the wide open fields 🙂

This beautiful postcard was sent by Cori and K from Mama Miller Parenting as part of the postcard exchange.

Cori is currently 9 months pregnant… check out this hilarious post that reminds us of the things that we don’t miss 😉 She also has 2 other beautiful kids – K and E . One of my favourite pictures of her son K was when she dressed him up as an Ewok. Nerds rule! Haha…

Of course, there was that recent post that reminded me that mum is always the best.

Do check out Mama Miller Parenting  🙂

Are you taking part in any postcard exchanges?

p/s: To my WP friends, I haven’t been able to read your recent posts as my phone app keeps crashing and I seldom login on my pc 😦  Hope the bug gets fixed soon.

Happy birthday Singapore!

9th of August 2013 marks Singapore’s 48th year as an independent nation.

In honour of our national day, we will be doing activities around the theme of Singapore this month. We will be learning more about our country’s history, culture, landmarks, language and people.

This week, we learnt about the Singapore flag, and the significance of the various elements:


Red: universal brotherhood and equality of man.
White: pervading and everlasting purity and virtue.
Crescent moon: a young nation on the ascendant.
Five stars: the ideals of Singapore – democracy, peace, progress, equality and justice.

In order to remember the elements in the flag, I introduced the kids to the song Five stars arising. This song was written in 1969, using the Singapore flag as the theme.

Five Stars Arising
There’s a new moon arising, out of the stormy sea
Youthful and bright and bearing hope, and tranquil as can be
Reach out for the moon above, savour freedom, truth and love
There’s a new moon arising, out of the stormy sea

There are five stars arising, out of the stormy sea
Each is a lamp to guide our way; a lamp for all to see
Reach out for the stars above, savour freedom, truth and love
There are five stars arising, out of the stormy sea

There’s a new flag arising, out of the stormy sea
Crimson as the blood of all mankind, yet white and pure and free
Reach out for the flag above, savour freedom, truth and love
There’s a new flag arising, happy and proud are we

I did some simple paper cutouts of the elements (crescent moon, five stars and the Singapore flag) and pasted them on ice-cream sticks, for the kids to wave while singing.

For C, I also introduced the national pledge so that she will be able to recite along during the national day celebrations this evening:

We, the citizens of Singapore,
pledge ourselves as one united people,
regardless of race, language or religion,
to build a democratic society based on justice and equality
so as to achieve happiness, prosperity
and progress for our nation.

Unfortunately both G and myself are down with fever so we can’t go out to catch the fireworks live today. Our family will be watching the National Day parade on tv tonight though. Before I end this post, I’d like to share one of my favourite National Day songs from 1998. This is a 2011 remix of the song “Home”:

Happy Birthday Singapore!

Postcard Exchange – Oregon!


I recently took part in the postcard exchange hosted by Meghan over at Máthair Fiona. Look at the gorgeous postcard she sent! Don’t you love the colours and the details? This is a great addition to my postcard collection for geography lessons 🙂

Thank you Meghan!

One of my favourite posts by Meghan is How to say “I Love You” on Father’s Day – such a sweet tribute to the man in her life. She’s also spot on in her post in mummy guilt. Hands up to those who identify with her? And how about getting some organization back into your life? Do go check out her blog now! 🙂

The postcard exchange is still ongoing, so if you like to receive stuff other than bills in your mailbox, do check out the details at Meghan’s blog.

Any other mums taking part in the postcard exchange?

Project: Lapbook – Sea Creatures

As part of C’s June holiday assignment from school, we had to do a project related to sea creatures. Projects such as making a paper mache model, or visiting the fish market were suggested. We decided to do a lapbook (yes, I chose something that could be easily transported and stored)

We started by doing a paper collage of C’s favourite sea creature – the dolphin. C looked for blue and pink shades in magazines and cut them into tiny pieces. She had fun creating the collage, and I really liked the way it turned out. This got the place of honour, on the cover of the lapbook.

Lapbook cover

Lapbook cover with paper collage dolphin

We read books on sea creatures that I borrowed from the library (unfortunately I forgot to take pictures), and added some fun fact flaps. C was amazed to learn about zooplankton, the smallest sea creatures, and she was intrigued to find out that the blue whale was as long as a MRT train cabin (I had to use real-life examples to illustrate how big/fast/small the sea creatures were).

Fun facts about sea creatures

Fun facts about sea creatures

We also learnt about the different classifications of sea creatures. She learnt about molluscs, crustaceans, mammals, reptiles and fish. We found this really interesting video on molluscs on youtube- C loved it!

Classifying sea creatures

Classifying sea creatures

We also took another trip to the SEA Aquarium. This was C’s second trip down, and this time round we were lucky to see the dolphins (a new exhibit).

C wrote a little booklet documenting her trip. She selected the photos that she wanted to put in the book, and typed out the captions (I resized the photos and adjusted the formatting, but she did the rest). It was excruciatingly slow watching her type l…e…t…t…e…r by l…e…t…t…e…r but the results were worth it. She was so proud of her work that she did a little presentation of it 🙂

C's account of her 2nd visit to SEA Aquarium

C’s account of her 2nd visit to SEA Aquarium

Here’s the completed lapbook. A simple project, but we had fun learning about sea creatures (they are amazing!), and C got to write her very first mini-book!


completed lapbook

Did you know that there is a sea creature with three hearts?

p/s we did do a paper mache model of a dolphin too, but C didn’t like it enough to allow me to take a picture of it.