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Postcard Exchange – Adelaide, Australia


Yet another beautiful postcard arrived in our mailbox today! This card was sent by Linda over at M & A’s World. She hails from Melbourne, but this card was sent while she was on vacation to Adelaide. Check out the gorgeous pics from her vacation in this post.

I enjoy her weekly photo challenge posts, especially those that capture her kids enjoying the moment. This is my current favourite picture. Notice the missing shoe? 😉

It’s great to be part of the postcard exchange – pretty postcards in my mailbox instead of bills, and I get a glimpse of life in other parts of the world 🙂 It’s also a great learning opportunity for C, who is more thrilled than I am to get the postcards 😉

Anyone else interested in the postcard exchange? Do drop me a comment below if you are! 🙂


Postcard Exchange: New South Wales, Australia

Kingscliff, New South Wales Australia

Kingscliff, New South Wales Australia

We received this absolutely gorgeous postcard sent by Rachael from mummy flying solo in our mailbox recently. Just look at the beautiful beach and the emerald green waters… I can almost hear the gentle waves lapping at the shore *bliss*  Makes me feel like flying down to Australia right now! 🙂

Rachael is an amazing mummy of a 2-year old little boy who faces the challenges of parenting alone. I love the humour, honesty and positivity in her posts. Reading her posts do make me feel better… at least I’m not alone in epic parenting fails, haha!

If you’ve not been by Rachael’s blog yet, please do. And check out this hilarious post on her take as a supermodel. You won’t be disappointed 😉

On a more serious post, she recently did a great post on safety awareness on the baby cot’s position. Do take time to read and share if you can.

Thanks Rachael for the great postcard!

If you are interested in the postcard exchange, do leave me a comment  below:)

Postcard Exchange – Texas!


Look what arrived in our mailbox last week – a beautiful postcard showing the pretty landscape in Texas! Love the wide open fields 🙂

This beautiful postcard was sent by Cori and K from Mama Miller Parenting as part of the postcard exchange.

Cori is currently 9 months pregnant… check out this hilarious post that reminds us of the things that we don’t miss 😉 She also has 2 other beautiful kids – K and E . One of my favourite pictures of her son K was when she dressed him up as an Ewok. Nerds rule! Haha…

Of course, there was that recent post that reminded me that mum is always the best.

Do check out Mama Miller Parenting  🙂

Are you taking part in any postcard exchanges?

p/s: To my WP friends, I haven’t been able to read your recent posts as my phone app keeps crashing and I seldom login on my pc 😦  Hope the bug gets fixed soon.

Postcard Exchange – Oregon!


I recently took part in the postcard exchange hosted by Meghan over at Máthair Fiona. Look at the gorgeous postcard she sent! Don’t you love the colours and the details? This is a great addition to my postcard collection for geography lessons 🙂

Thank you Meghan!

One of my favourite posts by Meghan is How to say “I Love You” on Father’s Day – such a sweet tribute to the man in her life. She’s also spot on in her post in mummy guilt. Hands up to those who identify with her? And how about getting some organization back into your life? Do go check out her blog now! 🙂

The postcard exchange is still ongoing, so if you like to receive stuff other than bills in your mailbox, do check out the details at Meghan’s blog.

Any other mums taking part in the postcard exchange?

Postcard from Atlanta

Here’s a beautiful postcard that I received last weekend. It was sent from Atlanta, USA, 10 thousand miles away 🙂

This was part of the postcard exchange, a fantastic idea initiated by Valerie over at Atlantamomofthree.

Valerie was one of the first bloggers I “met” on WordPress and I’ve always enjoyed reading her posts. A versatile blogger, she writes on subjects ranging from breastfeeding to homeschooling to trying out new recipes. She always has such great ideas for her blog! Plus, she’s such a sweet person, always positive and encouraging.

If you’ve not already checked out Atlantamomofthree, you should 🙂

The postcard exchange is still ongoing, so if you are interested to take part do check out the details here.