Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂 Here’s a little introduction of myself: I’m a full-time working mother (FTWM) of two young children, C (5 years old) & G (1 year old).

Considering the fact that I get home from work at 8pm (7.30pm if I’m really lucky), and that my kids are usually asleep by 9.30pm, there really isn’t much time left to spend with with my kids on week days, so I try to plan my activities to make the most out of each pocket of time available.

I try to do some homeschooling activities when time allows. With C, we do a little bit of everything – languages (mainly english and mandarin, occasionally foreign languages), maths, science, geography, craft work and moral education.  With G, I’m currently concentrating on right brain training at the moment, as well as gross and fine motor skills training.

However, material preparation is a challenge, so I’m usually on the lookout for good resources or products that are readily available. Occasionally I do prepare my own materials if I cannot find any suitable for the topics that I’m working on.

I believe that sharing is caring, so will be posting about useful products or resources that I find along the way. Do stay tuned 🙂