Book review: 布布爱上动物园 (Bubu loves going to the zoo)

In a previous post, I promised to introduce some books that piqued C’s interest in Chinese. Here is a recent series that she has read.

布布 series was introduced by C’s school as part of the recommended reading for Primary 1 students. Written by Singaporean author Lee Kow Fong, also known as Ah Guo (阿果), this series of books follow the life of a boy named Bubu (布布). In this review we will take a look at the first book in the series.


In 布布爱上动物园 (Bubu loves going to the zoo), we follow the lovable boy to the zoo, where he meets different animals.

Here are some of the animals he met:


Bubu loves the koalas


Bubu loves the pandas


Bubu loves the monkeys

The very sweet ending…


But you’d never guess who he loves most…


… it’s mummy!


C’s review
C loves this series! Her two favourite books were 布布爱上动物园 and 布布鼻子不见了. The first because the animals “are so cute”, and the latter because “it is so funny!”

G’s review
By the end of the book, G could recognize the key words “布布” and “爱”. He was also recognize the animals and name some of them in Chinese.

My review
Can I just say that I’m a big fan of Ah Guo’s illustrations? The layout and big colorful fonts definitely helped to sustain interest in the book. Very useful for beginning or reluctant readers like C!

I would recommend this series for younger readers from age 3 onwards to older, reluctant readers aged 7 or 8.

The series is available at the National Library (please click on the links below to check availability):
布布爱上动物园 Bubu loves going to the zoo

Other books in the series:
布布有个大问题 Bubu has a big problem
布布想要养宠物 Bubu wants a pet
布布鼻子不见了 Bubu’s nose is missing
布布找到好朋友 Bubu finds a good friend

布布 books are also available at Popular Bookstores and Maha Yuyi.

Do you have any interesting books to share?

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2 thoughts on “Book review: 布布爱上动物园 (Bubu loves going to the zoo)

  1. Adeline

    Thanks for linking up! I’m also looking for Chinese books to read to Noah, and I think he will like these. The illustrations are so cute, and the text is short enough for him, since he’s not a fan of Chinese at the moment.


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