Operation Rubber Ducky

Over the weekend, the toilet at grandma’s place got blocked. Pumping with the plunger did seem to help at first, but the next flush caused a mini flood.

<picture omitted due to graphic nature>

We had no choice but to call the plumber in last night. Industrial strength drain cleaner did not do the trick so they had to break the toilet bowl. Guess what came out with a squeak?


Grandma turned to the most likely perpetrator, 2.5 year-old G.

Grandma: Who threw the rubber ducky into the toilet?
G: (proudly) I did!

Total plumbing works and a new toilet bowl – $600.
The look on G’s face – priceless

I don’t know if I should laugh or cry.

What did your child throw down the toilet?


16 thoughts on “Operation Rubber Ducky

  1. genn

    Oh my, now I understand what that rubber ducky status update on fb was about. LOL. G was so cheeky heh. Guess it’s time to ensure that the toilet doors are always closed? Hopefully he is still not tall enough to open the doors by himself.

      1. genn

        uh oh… he can open doors. it’s gonna be more tricky keeping him out then. my toilets doors are always closed too… to prevent my furkids from drinking from the toilet bowl!

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