Entering P1 – what did I forget to pack?

Two weeks have passed since C started Primary 1. As a first-time parent of a P1 student, anxiety was (and still is!) inevitable. There were lots to prepare, and I benefitted from tips by experienced parents. Besides the usual school textbooks, school bag and water bottle, there were some items that I would have overlooked if not for friendly reminders 🙂

For those who might be in the same situation, here’s a list of some items that might be useful:

1. Label printer – for labelling all belongings. C received this as a thoughtful gift (many thanks to E and C!)

Label printer

Label printer

2. A small wallet with change – it’s easier for children to give the exact amount.

3. Spring clip to attach the wallet to the belt hoop. I bought this from Daiso (it’s actually a hat clip, but works perfectly with a wallet too)


Spring with clip for wallet

4. A small lunchbox – some parents prefer packing lunches for the recess break. I let C buy from the canteen, but I pack her daily portion of fruits for snack time.

5. Handkerchief/a packet of tissues

6. Wet wipes – I put some in a Ziploc bag together with her lunchbox. In case of accidental messes.

7. A change of underwear

8. A watch

9. List of emergency contacts – I’ve placed copies in her wallet and school bag.

10. Hair accessories (for girls with long hair) – I almost forgot to buy the dark blue/black clips and hair ties for C. Most of hers were brightly coloured 😉

Here’s a checklist that I’ve compiled (so that I wouldn’t forget when it came to G’s turn!) => Checklist for first day of school (let me know if I’ve missed anything!)

Do you have any tips for the first day of school?


4 thoughts on “Entering P1 – what did I forget to pack?

  1. tric

    This is where i really see the difference in our worlds. I don’t think there is any primary school in Ireland where you have a canteen. Our kids go to school 9 til 1.30pm with two small breaks and one playtime. I hope it all went well. It is such an exciting time for children and so traumatic for parents!

    1. mummyshymz Post author

      Yes, all is good, we’re still getting used to the routine. C is still really excited about school (thank goodness she’s enjoying herself) School starts at 7.25am here, and ends 1.50pm.


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