A new milestone… but I’m not ready!

All ready for primary 1!

All ready for primary 1!

The day has arrived. Come tomorrow morning, C will no longer be a pre-schooler. She will officially start her primary education on 2nd January 2014.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been busy with the preparations for this day. Uniforms were fitted, altered, washed and ironed. Books and stationery were bought and labelled. Bag was packed. Hair accessories were prepared.

There were last minute tutorials – how to tell time, how to calculate change, what to do if she misses the school bus. We did a trial run at the beginning of the week to make sure that she could wake up in time (5.30am!!)

C has been in bed since 8pm, with nary a care. In fact, I think she’s wondering what the big fuss is. I’m still taking deep breaths to calm myself. She’ll be taking the school bus for the first time tomorrow, and I’m worrying if she will fall backwards from the heavy school bag. Will she be able to buy food from the canteen? Will she finish her food in time during recess? Will she be able to cope in class? Will she make new friends?

My logical mind tells me that she is as ready as can be, that she will do just fine. Emotionally, I’m still struggling with the fact that my baby will be turning 7 this year. Why do they grow up so fast?

I’ll be in school with her tomorrow. I suspect that I’ll be the one having a panic attack, not her.

Wish me luck.


20 thoughts on “A new milestone… but I’m not ready!

  1. sugarbitznmilkybar

    Had the exact same feelings and experience as you today.. the kids seem to handle it better than we do 🙂 But I guess that goes to show that all the preparation and TLC we show them has really worked. All the best!

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