2013 in retrospect

new yearLike all the past years, it seems that the year 2013 flew by in a flash. I look at my kids and wonder… where did all that time go?! Thankfully, there are photos and videos to help me do a quick recap of the year. An executive summary of the year’s events:

Major milestones for the kids in 2013:
C graduated from kindergarten.
G took part in his first concert (which I wasn’t able to attend as it clashed with C’s Primary 1 orientation – a big thank you to whoever invented the camcorder!)

My achievements:
A 12-week professional course
A 10-week phonics course
Juggling parenting and a full-time job (and throwing in occasional blogging too!)

Readership on this blog started picking up in 2013, attaining a steady average of about 100-200 views per day (thank you!).

2013 has been a wonderful year, but 2014 promises even more challenges. C will be going to Primary 1 (grade 1 to my overseas friends), a major transition. G has graduated to the nursery class, with new teachers. Work-wise, there will be new responsibilities and new challenges.

No list of new year resolutions for me this time, because I know they will change over the year. I do have one priority though – family. I think this would be enough to guide my path in the next year.

I’m looking forward to 2014. Are you?

Wishing all health, happiness and peace in the coming year. Happy New Year everyone 🙂

The year 2013 in pictures

The year 2013 in pictures


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