Book review: The Hueys in The New Jumper by Oliver Jeffers

I first saw The Hueys in the New Jumper at a book fair. The illustrations on the cover caught my attention immediately! Flipping through the book, I fell in love with the adorable oval-shaped Hueys, and the deceptively simple story-line. I didn’t buy the book as I wasn’t sure if C would enjoy the illustrations as much as I did, but I took note of the title and borrowed it from the library later.

Meet the Hueys!

Meet the Hueys!

As the title suggests, this picture book is about the Hueys and a new orange jumper. What made the jumper so special? Well, the thing about the Hueys is that they were all the same. They all looked the same, thought the same and did the same things. And no one wore jumpers.

The things about the Hueys... was that they were all the same

The things about the Hueys… was that they were all the same

So when Rupert, one of Hueys, decided to knit himself a new jumper (in bright orange, no less), he was ridiculed and gossiped about for standing out from the crowd. Didn’t he know that the Hueys were all about being the same?


Happily, another Huey, Gillespie, decided that being different was nice, and decided to get himself a new orange jumper too.


Another Huey who dared to be different

Guess what happens in the end? All the Hueys decided to get their own orange jumpers to be different! 😀

C’s review
Contrary to what I thought, C loved the Hueys! The first question she asked about the Hueys was “Are they Chinese?” LOL. Yes, I did think that “Huey” sounded like a Chinese name. She thought the Hueys were really cute, and easy to draw. She actually laughed out at the end of the book when all the Hueys decided to be “different”.

We also found a site to create our very own Huey here!

Our very own Huey!

Our very own Huey!

G’s review
He was too young to appreciate the message in the book, but he enjoyed looking at the “eggs with hands” characters. I think it might have given him some inspiration because he has been adding lines to his circles recently 🙂

My review
Although The Hueys in the New Jumper is a picture book meant for children, I thought that the message on individuality versus conformity was brought across very well. This book gave me an opportunity to discuss with C the importance of daring to be different, and standing up for her own opinions. This was especially important, as I foresee that peer pressure will be an issue when she starts attending primary school next year.

Highly recommended for both young and old!

Have you read any books by Oliver Jeffers?

P/s: I found this really cute introduction to the book on youtube. Do check it out!

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