Product review: Starry Night Interactive Animation

The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh is one of my favourite paintings. So I was thrilled when I found an app today that brought the painting to life!

Credit: Wikipedia

Credit: Wikipedia

Starry Night Interactive Animation by artof1 allows the user to interact with the animation, creating mesmerizing changes in the flow of the painting.

Actual app on my ipad

Actual app on my ipad

In the app, there is a menu that allows the user to pan in and out of the picture, a choice of 2D and 3D views, as well as 3 different soothing background music tracks. The flow of the painting changes with each choice of music, creating different effects. By touching the screen, the user is able to manipulate the colours and the brush strokes.

Mesmerizing swirls

Mesmerizing swirls

Changing the brush strokes and flow

Changing the brush strokes and flow

Here’s a video showing the app:

C and G’s review
Both kids loved it! They really enjoyed creating different patterns in the painting. C especially enjoyed the 3D view, panning in and changing the night sky. It was a great exercise on cause and effect.

My review
I enjoyed the soothing, hypnotic effect of the swirling patterns. I felt that the interactivity of the app brought the flow in the painting to life. It was also a great way to introduce the kids to another well-known Van Gogh. And the best part? It’s free!

Highly recommended! Do check it out 🙂

Which is your favourite painting?


7 thoughts on “Product review: Starry Night Interactive Animation

  1. genn

    The Starry Night is my top favourite painting! I remember how we frantically ran all over Amsterdam (had limited free time on a guided tour) looking for a good replica. 8 years later the replica is still in the painting tube LOL. This app is cool! But I got dizzy after a while heh.

  2. Zee

    I must confess I don’t know names of many paintings but this definitely is one of my favourite paintings! Thanks for sharing this amazing app. Gonna download it right away!


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