Loafty aspirations

In a bid to become more domesticated, I recently purchased the Kenwood BM250, a breadmaker that promised to turn out perfect results, even for beginners like me.

Last Sunday afternoon, since we had nothing planned, I decided to give it a go and try baking.

My Kenwood bm250

My Kenwood bm250

The Kenwood came with a recipe book, but I had heard feedback from my friends that the results didn’t turn out too well. So I turned to trustworthy Google for some “easy bread-maker recipes”.

Given my woeful lack of experience in the kitchen, most of the recipes I found were far from easy. (That said, anything with more than five ingredients is complicated to me! And the measurement conversions! 🙄 ) I finally found one that promised a fool-proof loaf; and the recipe only specified six ingredients –  bread flour, vegetable oil, yeast, sugar, salt and water.

Simple ingredients

Simple ingredients

The instructions: add the yeast and sugar to warm water, wait for 10 minutes, then add flour, salt and oil. Ok, simple enough, until I realized I had nothing to measure the temperature of the water (45 deg C) with. So I measured out some water that was warm to the touch and hoped for the best. Next, yeast. The yeast was supposed to foam, but I didn’t see any action (to the experienced bakers who are laughing at this right now, seriously, what am I supposed to see? There was no foam?)

After 10 minutes, I added the flour and oil, then started the machine. And crossed my fingers.

Here’s the result 3 hours later:

My perfect loaf!

My perfect loaf!

Success! The bread was deliciously soft and fluffy with a flaky crust. The recipe was indeed fool-proof (I think C, my 6 year old, could have easily done it on her own). Best of all, the kids liked it!

I think I will try a chocolate loaf next, but I need help here: do I just add cocoa powder?

Do you have any (really easy) breadmaker recipes to share?


9 thoughts on “Loafty aspirations

  1. mommytrainingwheels

    Looks great! We had a breadmaker at one point. Eventually, the motor gave out (I think we used it too much lol). I’ve always had great success with the recipes. For the warm water, I usually just used room temp water and it always worked for me.

  2. Lisa

    Hi, I have this breadmaker too and have not been impressed with the results following their recipe and method (always basic – the 500g loaf, preset button 1). Perhaps I should start again following your method that is to activate the yeast before adding the rest of the ingredients. 🙂 Mind sharing if you replace anything else and which recipe/button you used?

    Many thanks

    1. mummyshymz Post author

      Hi Lisa, nope, I simply followed the recipe and activated the yeast first (I read that this method works better on the bread maker and yields softer breads). Preset button 1 too 🙂


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