First overnighter

C attended her first overnight camp last Friday.

On Thursday night, as I packed her bag, I couldn’t help feeling a tinge of reluctance to let her go. This would be the very first time that she would be spending the night away from us.

I knew that she would be safe, as they would be sleeping together with the teachers within the school compound. But still, I was apprehensive – would she be homesick? Would she be crying for us to pick her up? I remember that I attended my first camp when I was twelve. She is only almost six! I had a sleepless night on Friday.

I needn’t have worried. As you can tell from the happy face when we picked her up from school on Saturday, she enjoyed herself thoroughly. Apparently, she had too much fun to miss us (a fact which she admitted to with much enthusiasm). If she could, I think she would have gladly stayed a few more nights.

My little girl has grown up.

Happy C back from camp

Happy C back from camp

When was the first time your child had an overnighter?


23 thoughts on “First overnighter

  1. motherhoodisanart

    I’m always happy to hear that my kids did fine when they are away from me (while I’m busy worrying about them the whole time) but in the other respect I almost want to hear that they were slightly missing me! My daughter just went on her 2nd sleepover at a friends house the other night and the whole time I pictured her homesick and scared at their house. According to the excitement she had about it, I was merely a fleeting thought in her mind!

  2. Zee

    G is so lovely! I will most definitely be feeling the same way you did when it is Aly’s turn! Sigh children grow up too quickly!

      1. mummyshymz Post author

        Haha, I imagine G will be the same too 😉 C has always been the more independent sort so I half-expected her reaction. Ya, they grow up too quickly!

  3. Jin Ai

    And I start thinking of the day they will leave the nest *sob!* Pause button, please! What a lovely, happy photo of a returning camper!

  4. Gwen

    That’s a big moment – probably more for you than for her! I have a hard time remembering my kids’ first overnighter… maybe that goes to show these big moments are not so significant in the long run 😉

    1. mummyshymz Post author

      Well, judging by her reply, it’s definite that it meant more to me than her. Yes I suppose such memories will be replaced by other significant moments 🙂

  5. genn

    Nah… I’m sure she would have missed you and the family if it had been more than a day. But way to go C! Brave girl!

  6. Katy@TheOpenDoor

    She is such a doll! Charlotte’s first overnight was when she was 6 months old because my husband and I went out of town for two nights for a college reunion. Even though she stayed with my parents, I still cried as we pulled out of the driveway. It was WAY harder on me than it was on her — I don’t even think she noticed we were gone. haha


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