A pleasant surprise

Today C presented us with this card:


With a message for me inside:

Message to mummy

Message to mummy

And daddy wasn’t neglected too:

For daddy

For daddy

Apparently she wrote it when we brought G for his Heguru class. When asked why she made this card, she simply said that she wanted to show her appreciation.

She made my day 🙂


14 thoughts on “A pleasant surprise

  1. Zee

    How sweet! And plus it’s great that she didn’t forget daddy. I remember I would make tons of cards for my mum when I was a child, but rarely for my dad. He must have felt really neglected.

  2. Dawn Frazier

    It’s so lovely getting these things from your children. And they always seem to know how to pick a moment to give it to you, just when you need cheering up.

  3. growingwiththetans

    That’s so sweet of her! It’s so cute that she came up with reasons for making the card for both of you. I especially love her reason for you: because she loves you very much. *melts*

    1. mummyshymz Post author

      Hehe, I think partly why she wrote that was because she’s learning conjunctions in school now. I thought she used it really well in this instance *beaming with joy*


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