Book review: Peek-a-Poo What’s in your diaper? by Guido Van Genechten

Peek-a-Poo What;s in your diaper?

Peek-a-Poo What’s in your diaper?

We brought G to the library last weekend. I asked him to choose a book, and he happily came back with Peek-a-Poo What’s in your nappy? by Guido Van Genechten.

I flipped through the book and it turned out to be a really interesting choice by G. The story starts with curious Mouse, who loves to investigate everything – taking things apart, poking sticks into holes and exploring every rock (does this sound familiar to anyone?)

Curious mouse

Curious mouse

This time he has decided to explore what’s inside everyone’s nappy! He startsΒ by asking Rabbit:


Opening the flap reveals Rabbit’s poo (ok, if you are easily offended you might not find this amusing)!

Seven rabbit pellets!

Seven rabbit pellets!

He goes on to ask each of his animal friends in turn, noting the difference in shape and quantity each time he examines their diapers.

Pointy dog poo

Pointy dog poo

However, when it comes to Mouse’s turn, he reveals that his diaper is…. empty! He tells his friends that he uses a potty instead of his nappy.

Potty-trained Mouse

Potty-trained Mouse

Of course, the story ends happily with all his friends trying out their potties.

Happy ending

Happy ending

G’s review
He loved opening the flaps, going “poo” then “ewwwww”. LOL!

My review
It’s different from the usual potty-training books, and I think this was appropriate for G’s age right now. The lift-the-flap concept appeals to young kids and the cute illustrations of familiar animals kept G interested through to the end. The only risk is that your child might go examining everyone else’s diaper πŸ˜›

Do you have any interesting books on potty training for kids?


12 thoughts on “Book review: Peek-a-Poo What’s in your diaper? by Guido Van Genechten

  1. sugarbitznmilkybar

    *lol* I love the title! Although MilkyBar has outgrown this, I think I will still look out for it on our next library trip. I’m sure he will have a blast with the poopoo discoveries πŸ™‚


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