A thank you to my WordPress family

When I joined Wordpress in September last year, I had not foreseen that I would enjoy the whole blogging experience as much as I do now.

I had expected that I, a newbie to blogging, would be ignored. To my surprise, I was greeted and welcomed warmly by friendly fellow bloggers in the WP community.

I had started my little blog with the intention to share information, but in reality, I gained a wealth of knowledge from fellow bloggers and readers.

I thought that no one would read what I wrote. Again, I was wrong. I had comments and stats to show me otherwise. Yesterday, when I had a really bad day at the office, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a thank you email from a reader of my blog.

It is truly an amazing community here, and I am proud to be part of it.

So it is with great pleasure that I share this “I am part of the wordpress family” award with all my blogger friends and readers. Sorry I won’t be able to name everyone individually since this is such a big family! Thank you for taking time to share your thoughts, and for dropping by my little blog. Do feel free to share this award. Special thanks to Clouds n cups for first sharing this award with me.


Thank you for being part of my wordpress family!


11 thoughts on “A thank you to my WordPress family

  1. crankycaregiver

    What a generous and thoughtful gift to wake up to this morning. And listen, my friend, there is a reason that people drop in and read your posts…they’re warm, funny and downright worth reading. So, keep those posts coming and I am honored to include the badge..in fact, instead of placing this award on my Awards page..it’s going smack dab on the front page.

    Thanks for including me in your WordPress Family! Love ya, Cranky


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