Project: Oreo balls

Two weeks ago, my colleague brought some home-made desserts to the office – Oreo balls coated in dark chocolate. I don’t think it would be necessary to describe how delicious they were! My colleague assured me that the oreo balls were really easy to make, and described the recipe. It sounded easy enough, and I decided to give it a try over the weekend.

I’ve mentioned in earlier posts that I’m really bad at cooking and baking. If I attempted any recipes, you can be sure that they are fail-safe and really, really easy (seriously, C could do all this by herself). I’ll list down the ingredients and steps here, you’ll see what I mean.

The ingredients are really simple: oreo cookies, Philadelphia cream cheese and Hershey’s baking chocolate (I used a mix of semi-sweet and unsweetened). I decided to do a trial run, so used half a portion of everything my colleague mentioned.

What I used:
137g Oreo cookies (1 pack of original flavored oreos)
125g Philadelphia cream cheese
Half a bar each of the semi-sweet and unsweetened chocolate.

This makes about 17-18 bite-sized oreo balls.

Ingredients for the oreo balls

Ingredients for the oreo balls

Step 1: Crush the cookies. It’s not necessary to separate the cream from the cookies. My colleague used a blender in her version, so the resulting texture was really smooth. I put the cookies in a plastic bag and crushed them by hand because I wanted to have some crunch factor (and I didn’t have a blender).

Crushed cookies

Crushed cookies

Step 2: Mix in the cream cheese till it blends in nicely with the crushed cookies.

Mix in the cream cheese

Mix in the cream cheese

Step 3: Scoop about a teaspoonful of the cream cheese-oreo mixure and shape into balls.

oreoball3.jpgStep 4: Leave it in the fridge or freezer till the cookie balls are hardened (if they are too soft, they break apart easily when you are coating it with the chocolate later). I chilled mine for 5 minutes, and quite a few broke apart while coating with chocolate. Nothing was wasted though, I ate those 😉

Step 5: Melt chocolate bars in a bowl.

Step 6: Coat the balls with melted chocolate. Chill in the fridge after coating. Serve immediately after removing from fridge to prevent chocolate from melting.

Coated oreo balls

Coated oreo balls

The results were not very pretty, but still very delicious. They got pretty good reviews from my family (my brother mentioned that it had the texture of chocolate fudge!). I think I’ll try to put some fruits or nuts in the centre in my next attempt. 🙂

I know that C definitely liked it, because I found this in her notebook where she draws her favourite things:

Guess what this is?

Guess what this is?

A simple and delicious dessert, made in under 10 minutes!

Do you have a simple dessert to share?


33 thoughts on “Project: Oreo balls

    1. mummyshymz Post author

      Hi Chin Ling, thanks for dropping by. It’ll be fun for Anabelle. You might want to get some towels on standby coz the crumbs might fly everywhere 🙂 it’s very rich, so a little goes a long way.

      1. BeWithUs

        Just seeing the cream cheese, I can almost imagine the sweet and salty taste in my mouth…LOL…sure sure, will let you know when I gotten to do it….Cheers!! 😀

  1. Zee

    Wow this sounds easy enough! I’m really bad at baking and cooking though so even though there are many amazing recipes out there, I don’t think I can mange those. This seems possible! Thanks for sharing!

  2. crankycaregiver

    Wow..looks yummy but I think the diet I have planned to start on Wednesday would frown on the calories. But, I will store receipe for the chocolate chomper that I make the desserts for! Thanks for sharing!

  3. motherhoodisanart

    I love these things! My sister in law makes them all of the time for family events. She does a variety using different cookies! The only problem with them is that I eat way too many!

  4. foxywholefoodie

    Looks great! Oreos were definitely once a guilty pleasure of mine. We make something similar to this in my family using a combination of peanut butter and powdered sugar for the center, and dipping in chocolate. They’re called ‘Buckeyes’ after the state nut of Ohio and making them is a tradition in Ohio where my family is from! 🙂


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