Project: Alphabet box

What do you do with an empty chocolate box?

Empty chocolate box

Empty chocolate box

I was looking at the empty chocolate box (disclaimer: I did not eat all of it!), thinking of ways to recycle it, when a friend commented that he used to play a game with his son to get him to do homework. Bingo! (pun not intended)

Before the modification

Before the modification

Modification of the box was simple. I pasted plain letter stickers – one on each compartment. There were more than 26, so I pasted coloured stars on the remaining empty spaces.

box with alphabet

Modification complete!

Using the box – Games I play with G
1- Match the letters (upper/lower cases) – I used his magnetic letters here.

Match the corresponding upper or lower case letters

Match the corresponding upper or lower case letters

2- Match the objects to its beginning letter (I used 3D erasers and other small objects that would fit into the compartments).

naming objects

Sorting objects by name

3- Roll a ball and practice phonics sounds.

Using the box with C
With C, I use the box as a fun way for her to do work (bingo-style)
1- Roll a ball. Name and spell 5 words that start with that letter. If it lands on a colour, she has to name 5 objects of that colour (Vocabulary/spelling)

2- Roll it twice, and name 5 words that contain the 2 letters (if it lands on a colour and letter: name objects of that colour starting with that letter)

3 – Alternatively, prepare a list of 26 spelling words/maths questions/chores – and select by rolling a ball.

There are multiple possibilities! C enjoys rolling the ball to find out what she has to do. She doesn’t realise that her mother is sneaking work into the game 😉

How would you use an empty chocolate box?


32 thoughts on “Project: Alphabet box

      1. Homeschool Crafts

        No, I’ve not managed to pen that down yet. Btw, the chocolate box will make a good sorting tool for almost anything. You can use poms-poms to sort numbers and colours too.

    1. mummyshymz Post author

      Hehe, I share calories with colleagues and friends. They disappear really fast 😉
      Else you could try doing the same using empty egg trays 🙂

  1. Valerie

    Hmm, I posted a comment yesterday but it isn’t showing… 😕
    Oh well! I think this is a great idea – and I WOULD’VE eaten all the chocolate!! 😉

    1. mummyshymz Post author

      Thanks! haha, yes it does look fancy, now that you’ve mentioned it. It’s an incentive of motherhood 😉 eating chocolates so that we can use the box for crafts.


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