Big sister

It’s not easy being a big sister. Especially when you have an active and mischievous younger brother like G. I’m sure there are days when C feels like the little girl in the picture, but over time, I’m starting to see her assume her role as a teacher and protector to her little brother.


Last night was one such occasion.

The kids were playing just before bedtime. In the excitement, G decided to bite C on the arm. Hard. The result? A full set of angry-red teeth marks and a little girl screaming in pain. Thank goodness he bit through her pjs, else it would have been worse.

No pictures were taken last night – I was too busy separating teeth from arm, and comforting a sobbing C.

After I had cleaned and applied antiseptic cream on the wound (G had chomped down hard enough to leave abrasion marks!) I asked C in jest if she wanted to pull G’s teeth out. Her immediate response? “No! It would be very painful for G. He’s too young to know and I have forgiven him. It’s no longer so painful now. Mummy, don’t scold him ok?”

As I walked off to put away the cream, I overheard her saying solemnly to G: “Didi (meaning little brother in chinese), teeth are meant for chewing food, not for biting people. I will forgive you this time but don’t do it again, do you understand? No biting, biting is bad.”

Spoken like a true big sister.

Mummy’s note: No hard feelings after this incident. Both hugged each other to sleep.


16 thoughts on “Big sister

    1. mummyshymz Post author

      Thank you Valerie 🙂 Yeah, we were shocked that G bit so hard. It was a pleasant surprise to hear her say that – I think she really loves her little brother.

  1. Zee

    Awwwww that’s really really sweet of C! You’ve taught her well. It’s great that they share such a great relationship. I’m also the elder one in the family and there were definitely many days when I felt like the girl in the picture except that mine would have said “sister for sale”. Well, we’ve made up and now we are best friends!

    1. mummyshymz Post author

      Good for you! It must be great having a sister. I’ve two younger brothers so I totally understand what C is going through. Hopefully their relationship will stay strong 🙂

    1. mummyshymz Post author

      Yes, it really warms your heart doesn’t it? I remember reading your previous post about Iris and Bency – I hope C & G will have a relationship like theirs when they are older.

  2. genn

    Wow, so much maturity shown in C! I definitely weren’t like that as a big sister. She is going to be such a great sister to G.

  3. June Yong (@yjune)

    That’s such a sweet story, worthy of being framed up so that big sister can be reminded of how “big” she was in the years to come. We too have been teaching and encouraging our big sister to love and care for her toddler bro. Some days are good, some days things fall apart, but I’m oh so glad that she’s gone past the days when she would react whenever we show some extra love to her brother. Always thanking God for such little steps of improvement!

    1. mummyshymz Post author

      Thanks for coming by June. Yes, it was tough at the beginning, and the numerous pep-talks have worked! I’m seeing the bond grow stronger with each passing day.


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