Book Review: My Pop-Up Body Book by Jenny Maizels and William Petty

In an earlier post, I’ve mentioned that C is learning about the human body.

We had already gone through several books on this topic, including Okido’s My Head-to-Toe Body Book, which was a fun read with games and experiments. Two days ago, I finally received My Pop-Up Body Book, a hardcover pop-up book on the human body, which I had ordered a month ago.

I love pop-ups – they make the whole experience of reading so much more interesting (I’ve always been in awe of paper engineers). This book did not disappoint- it was filled with lots of interactive pop-ups, flaps and wheels to turn. The experience started with an invitation to turn the wheel – doing so revealed a drawing of the internal organs of the boy, followed by his skeleton.

My Pop-Up Body Book

Turn the wheel to reveal the internal organs and the skeleton!

Upon opening the cover, a huge pop-up baby greeted us. On the two-page spread, there were flaps to open, revealing facts about conception, pregnancy and even an introduction to DNA!

A pop-up baby!

A pop-up baby!

In a corner of the page, we got a closer look at fetal development. By turning the wheel, we observed how the unborn baby grew in the womb from a one-month old fetus to a fully developed nine-month old baby ready to meet the world :

Baby at 1 month old

Baby at 1 month old

Baby at 7 months

Baby at 7 months-he can swallow!

Flipping the page allowed us to look a closer look at the human head. Activities included pulling (paper) snot out of the nose, examining how the eye focuses, observing a pop-up set of teeth chewing and a hands-on demo on how the smallest bones in our body work to help us hear.

The human head

The human head.

Opening the head revealed the skull and the muscles on the face. The functions of the different parts of the brain were introduced (e.g. the cerebellum helps keeps the balance) and there was also a look at the differences between the left and right brain. 🙂

A look inside the head

A look inside the head

The respiratory system and the digestive system came next, with full pop-ups (imagine a pop-up of a rib-cage, and of intestines!). As with the human head, each page was filled with many different flaps, wheels and tabs to explore. We got to see how the diaphragm worked by pulling on the tab:

Learning about the diaphragm

Learning about the diaphragm

Of course, what is a book about the human body without a pop-up skeleton (complete with names labelled on each bone!)

A pop-up skeleton!

A pop-up skeleton!

C’s review
She has been holding the book almost every waking moment since it arrived, lifting the flaps, pulling the tabs, turning the wheels. Enough said.

My review
My Pop-Up Body Book is filled with information, presented in a format that is interactive and attractive. I thought the pop-up format worked really well with this topic, and the wheels and tabs helped to demonstrate the concepts that would be otherwise be difficult to explain in words. And did I mention that I loved pop-ups? Highly recommended!

Do you like pop-up books?


14 thoughts on “Book Review: My Pop-Up Body Book by Jenny Maizels and William Petty

  1. Zee

    I never had pop up books but I used to love pop up cards!! I also wish we had books like these when we were younger. I think this book will be great for explaining to kids how babies come about. :p haha.

    1. mummyshymz Post author

      I used to do my own pop-up cards! Haha, yes… Very useful ;)! I have quite a few pop-ups among my collection of kids’ books. Guess I’m reliving my childhood through the kids 🙂


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