Climb every mountain

C has never been the sporty and adventurous sort. She loves going to the playground, but steers away from the tall structures, preferring to run around or play on the smaller slides. It took a lot of coaxing before she dared to slide down the fireman pole or climb the monkey bars. She has always been Little Miss Play-It-Safe.

But last Sunday, she surprised me by doing something totally out of character.

We were at a shopping mall waiting for her music class to start. At the atrium, as part of the promotional activities for a kids sports event, there were some game booths, a short track for shuttle run, and in a corner, a climbing wall.

C took a look around the different activities, and told me that she would try the climbing wall “next week”. No surprise there – I had expected her to shy away from this seemingly “dangerous” activity. So we tried the game booths and shuttle run. I was about to leave when C brought me to the climbing wall again, looked up, and said she wanted to climb!

I had my reservations as I read through the indemnity form(!), but she was buckled up in her safety harness and had started to climb up the wall just as I put my signature on the form.


Starting to climb

I had half-expected her to stop mid-way, but she kept on going with determination.


Halfway there!

I was so proud of her when she reached the top of the wall and rang the bell!


Made it!

I’m not sure what made her try wall-climbing. I had expected her to be excited about making it all the way up, but she was rather nonchalant about the whole event. Was she scared? Yes. She told me that it was scary going up that high, and that the walls were rough and scratched her knees. Why did she continue although she was scared and her knees hurt? Because she wanted to make it to the top.

I had underestimated my daughter. There was something in her that kept her going – she didn’t need me to push her, she did it because she wanted to. Despite the fear, the discomfort, she had the target in mind, and climbed towards the goal.

I’m so, so proud of you C!

Have your children done something totally out of character? What was your reaction?


10 thoughts on “Climb every mountain

  1. Zee

    Good job C! So proud of her as well. Such activities are great for confidence building. I’ve also always been the play it safe sort and the one time I climbed the rock wall (yes only once), I really surprised myself too! It’s no easy feat.

  2. motherhoodisanart

    It’s great when kids break out of their comfort zones in all different ways…physically and mentally! Tiny victories for them and for us as parents watching our children grow and gain confidence!

  3. Kate Doherty

    Wow! Look at her go! That’s amazing! Great work!!! Just goes to show doesn’t it that if we stand back and let them lead the way they’ll achieve great things in their own time!

  4. linbritt

    Maybe she saved all her “not going on the big slide” confidence do she could tackle the wall!! Good on her. If she lacks confidence another time you could use this as a reminder that she has been brave before 😉

    1. mummyshymz Post author

      Thanks for stopping by!
      Yes, it probably took a lot of courage on her part to go up all the way 🙂 I saved the photos on my phone… just in case a quick reminder was needed 😉


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