Book Review: My Head-to-Toe Body Book by Okido

As I’ve mentioned in an earlier post, C is learning about the human body this term. I’ve already bought the Squishy Human Body as a visual aid, and wanted to supplement it with some fun reading on the topic.

I did a search at the library, but most of the books were wordy and not too interesting. Then, I came across My Head-to-Toe Body Book by Okido.


What got my attention: It is a big and colourful book, with snippets of information scattered on large two-page spreads. Secondly, it had cute illustrations that would appeal to C. Thirdly, it had games and experiments included. A sure-win formula!

When googling more about Okido, I found out that it’s actually a children’s arts and science magazine from UK. They even have a Youtube channel and an iphone app (I didn’t download the app as it’s not free – if you did, let me know what you think of it!)

As suggested by the title, the contents cover the parts of the human body from head to toe – including the brain, the circulatory system and the digestive system. Topics such as emotions, sleep and health are also included.

Besides covering the usual parts of the human anatomy, I was pleased to find that they included a section on vocal cords, complete with a small demonstration on why voices sound different (I didn’t have much success with the paper whistle though).

Vocal cords

Vocal cords

We had fun playing the various games, such as the busy body game where we had to move tokens around the board, learning about how food is brought to the different parts of the body, and the process of waste elimination (favourite topic among kids!) There is also a page where we match the poo to the correct owner (don’t worry it’s not as gross as it sounds!)

Busy body game

Busy body game

Okido did not forget to add information on the life cycle of a human, and even touched on sperm and eggs (I spent quite a bit of time explaining this, and had to bring out my ultrasound scans of C. Needless to say, she was fascinated ;))

Where babies come from

Where babies come from

At the end of the book, there was another fun game where we got to explore the different sounds we make with our bodies (G joined in with gusto!)

Body noises

Body noises

While it is not meant to be a detailed book on anatomy, I found this book to be a good supplementary read. It covers a wide range of topics, complete with interesting facts, and interactive activities. I would recommend it as an excellent book for pre-schoolers to kick-start discussions and studies on the human body. Just be prepared to answer a lot of questions on poo, pee and babies. 😉

Do you have any recommendations for books on the human body?


7 thoughts on “Book Review: My Head-to-Toe Body Book by Okido

  1. Valerie

    I love that it has games in it! We’ve enjoyed a good number of websites (and library books) to learn about the human body. =)

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