G at Heguru: March update

G has started his 3rd month at Heguru. He continues to enjoy his classes, and participates actively. He particularly enjoys going up to the board to give his answers. 🙂

Here are some updates on the class activities:

Math concepts
Nummer Kasten continues to be used in class to introduce the concept of addition/subtraction.
Skip counting has also been introduced in preparation for multiplication- skipping by 2s, 5s,10s.
The multiplication flashcards started by showing the equations with dots. Now it has moved to dots on grids.
3D visualisation – blocks are shown to the children, and they are asked to count the number of blocks. The concept of the hidden block is explained.
Number recognition – the children are asked to fill in the blanks for a sequence of numbers.

Speed reading
We have started listening to stories and songs played back at different speeds (normal speed, 2.5x, 3.5x). According to research, the human is capable of understanding up to 350 words per minute (!!). Thinking about it, it’s true that when we listen to stories at normal speed of 125-150 words per minute, our minds tend to wander, since only a small portion of our brain is needed for comprehension. Listening to recordings at higher speed forces the brain to focus. I’ve noticed that G pays much more attention when the high speed recordings are played.

Life skills/motor skills
Concept of currency – each child is given list of items to “buy”. They are to pick out the items from the box (e.g. 2 black pens and 1 green magnet), then pay with the correct amount.
They have also tried using clothes peg to clip pieces of cloth on a clothesline (useful skill to help mummy later!)

Moral education
Confucian analects (论语) recordings are played in class. We are also going through 三字经(or the three character classic).

For those who might be interested, here are the Youtube links:
论语 (an English translation is found here)
三字经 (an English translation is found here)

Note: I’ve not learnt the confucian analects as a child. Now that G is going through this in class, I found the english translations particularly useful. 😉

In February, we had a very interesting song on the correct usage of chopsticks! Via the song, the children are taught the correct etiquette for using chopsticks – for example, sticking chopsticks in your rice bowl is like offering it to your ancestors, lol!

Exercises to identify the first letter of the word and filling in the missing letters of simple words have been done. Today we learnt about opposites.
Hiragana (part of the japanese alphabet) and Japanese songs have also been introduced as part of the lessons.

General knowledge
We’ve learnt about plants last month. This month, we’re learning about inventors and the capitals of asian countries.

ESP skills consist of several components, and we have been working mainly on clairvoyance and telepathy. Today we did an exercise on premonition. G’s success rate is pretty high (he got all the answers correct in the previous classes!) but recently I’ve noticed that his performance in this area drops when he is distracted or tired. I was pretty skeptical about this part of right brain training when I started, but I’m getting more convinced that there really is something to ESP training when I watch G in class. Either that, or he is extremely lucky!

I continue to be amazed at what G can do, and find that there is still so much more to learn (starting with the confucian analects, of course)!

What are your thoughts on right brain training?


10 thoughts on “G at Heguru: March update

  1. Valerie

    WOW! Speed reading sounds amazing! I wonder if that’s something that can really only be done as a young child or if an adult can learn the same way (you know how certain language sounds can only be learned as an infant?) This is intriguing!

    1. mummyshymz Post author

      Apparently this can be done with adults too (just that young children pick up new skills much faster)! I did some reading online, and we can slowly train our listening by starting at double speed, then slowly increasing the speed. Listening to different languages help too, as they cover different frequencies and speed. Amazing isn’t it?

  2. Annie

    Hi Mummy,

    is there a software or program i can use for speed reading? I can read normal speed but i cannot do 2x or 4x faster.
    wondering how other mummies do speed reading at home. please share with me, thank you


  3. CHUNG

    Hello..How old G started to attend Heguru classes? Sounds like the classes really effective on him. My son started Heguru few months back and he is 17months now but he seems not so focus in the class. Feel like we as parent that need to learn more to guide them through the class. It make us thinking is it too young for my son to start the lesson now. Any thought?

    1. mummyshymz Post author

      Hi, my son started right brain classes when he was one, then switched to Heguru at 18months. In my opinion, they should start as young as possible. Although it might seem like a waste of time and money right now, in my experience, this effort pays off when they are slightly older and can start to output what they have learnt. I experienced this first with my daughter, and now G. If you can, try to do home practice. It really helps.

      1. CHUNG

        Thanks for your reply. Is your son got more improvement at Heguru ? I feel some of the activities likes the session to color and redraw the mandala picture. My son not even look at the picture. He just keen to play the crayon. It makes me doubt if it’s too early for him. 🙂 How long your daughter took to really participant the class? Mind to share? You really a hardworking mummy. It’s really not easy to enforce the home practice especially for working mummy. 🙂

      2. mummyshymz Post author

        Hi, as I mentioned in my first post on Heguru, I felt the same way about the mandala. Right now, I just ask my son what shapes he saw and let him select the colours. He is not drawing yet, but I believe in time he will be able to do so. Most times he can select the correct colours and identify the shapes.
        My daughter did not attend Heguru (it started this year). She attended classes at another school. For her I started seeing output at around 3yo.

      3. CHUNG

        Thanks for your sharing. Wondering how old shall our kid continue for Heguru lesson? Any thought?

      4. mummyshymz Post author

        My plans will be to let him continue till 3 or 4, and see how it goes. Will also depend on the activities then. He likes the classes and I hope that he will be able to output more soon 🙂

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