G at Heguru: Start of the second month

G has started his second month at Heguru.

Having attended the classes for a month, G has settled in comfortably. He enjoys every class, and is now participating actively during activities.

Class activities – some updates
Here are some updates on class activities after my previous post on Heguru:

I had mentioned that some topics were repeated. For example, during the first month, peg memory (1-10) and angles were taught in every class during the first month. On the fourth lesson, the children were asked to go up to give the answers – pasting the angles on the board, matching the pictures to the correct peg number. G and all the rest of the kids enjoyed going up to the board (I had a hard time persuading him to come back, he was so pleased that he had a chance to give the answer)

Now that they have moved to the second month, we are now doing different topics (Classification of plants according to the way they reproduce), and flashcards contents have been changed. Peg memory is now on numbers 11-20.

They have also incorporated some Chinese language into the activities. For example, they introduced the first two lines from 三字经, and in the last class we had 论语 (I was totally lost!) In conjunction with Chinese New Year, we dance to the Chinese new year song instead.

Nummer Kasten
Last week, we were introduced to the Nummer Kasten (it means number box in German). It was a really interesting way of presenting the concept of addition/subtraction. Basically, it is a box divided into two compartments with a slot to allow the balls to move from one compartment to the next. Here’s a DIY version that I did for G at home (I think I should have used a sturdier box) 🙂 In class they used ping-pong balls, but I did it with pom-poms at home. The concept is simple- show that you put 3 balls into the first compartment, cover and shake the box so that some of the balls fall into another compartment. Open the cover to reveal one compartment first, then show both. In total they should still see 3 balls.

DIY Nummer Kasten

DIY Nummer Kasten

Cover and shake so that some of the balls fall to the second compartment

Cover and shake so that some of the balls fall to the second compartment

I find that I’m enjoying the Heguru classes more and more. Each lesson I’m learning something new and interesting. For example, flashcard topics includes Y2012 Forbes list of billionaires (I didn’t know some of them!) and waterfalls that empty into the sea. For ESP exercises, they have also incorporated previous topics, like guessing which planet is at the back of the card (which G got correct again! I think he is getting good at ESP exercises). It’s really motivating to see him enjoying the class and starting to show some output 🙂

I will be updating the activities periodically, so do stay tuned!


5 thoughts on “G at Heguru: Start of the second month

    1. mummyshymz Post author

      Hi! I really enjoyed reading about your projects too. They make the subject come alive! Will definitely try incorporating Lego into some of the subjects. 🙂

  1. Pingback: Project: Nummer Kasten | mummyshymz

  2. DV

    Hi mummyshymz, It’s great to read that your son is enjoying his Heguru lessons. I’ve just started my son at Heguru and he’s 19 months now. May I ask at what age did u start you child? I often feel that, I;m the one actually attending the classes 9and answering everything) and I’m not sure if he’s paying any attention or listening 😦 Do you have any suggestions regarding this? Thanks for your time!

    1. mummyshymz Post author

      Hi DV, G started classes when he was around 18months old. Right now he is still at the “input” stage so it’s normal that you are doing most of the talking. But don’t worry he is learning in class. My son is also restless in class sometimes, but I know that he is still listening, because from time to time he surprises me by repeating some of the things he learnt in class.
      Some children show output earlier, some later. Try to do some home practice at home (puzzles, flashcards, story memory etc) He might give you a surprise 🙂 in class, try to participate and be as positive as you can, take it as a time to bond with your child, and show him that learning is fun.


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