Printables – Chinese New Year items

Here is another set of materials for photographic memory training on the the chinese new year theme 🙂

In this set, there are three items commonly associated with chinese new year – firecrackers, paper cutting and red packets.

Firecrackers (爆竹 bào zhú)
Firecrackers are traditionally lit on the night before the new year to chase away evil spirits. However, due to to the dangers they pose (fire hazard, safety issues), firecrackers have been banned in several countries, including Singapore. We still hang it up as a form of decorations though.

Paper cutting (剪紙 jiăn zhĭ)
A traditional art form originating from China. It dates as far back as 6th century A.D. Red paper is usually used, and motifs usually include the zodiac or auspicious Chinese characters.

Red packets, also known as angpow (紅包 hóng bāo)
All chinese children recognize these! These red envelopes or red packets contain money (压岁钱), and are given by the elders to their juniors as a form of blessings. According to chinese customs, getting married represents the coming of age. The married are considered elders (长辈) and have to give red packets to the unmarried, who are considered more junior(后辈). Thus, theoretically speaking, an unmarried 50year old would still be eligible to collect red packets from his married 23year old relative 😉

Download the activity here ==> Photographic memory – CNY


2 thoughts on “Printables – Chinese New Year items

  1. Jus

    Hi there! Chanced across your blog while looking for printables for CNY. Nice to meet another SG mum, and I find your printables useful, thanks for sharing! 🙂


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