Printables – Lion Dance

As promised, here’s the second set of printables on the chinese new year theme.

Lion Dance
Lion dance, known as 舞狮 (wǔ shī) in chinese, is a form of traditional dance in Chinese culture. The dance is typically performed by two people, with their faces hidden by the costume. It is commonly performed during the Chinese New Year and other important occasions like opening ceremonies to bring luck.

Here, I’ve uploaded a document to be used for photographic memory games. The two drawings are similar but the colour of the lion costume differs.

Lion Dance 1

Lion Dance 1

Lion Dance 2

Lion Dance 2

How to use
Print out the two pictures, and choose one to show to your child. Flash it for three seconds.
Hand the two different coloured pictures to your child, and ask your child to identify the one that he saw.

I’ve also included a blank picture which can be used for colouring.

Download the printable here ==>Photographic memory – Lion Dance

Hope you like it 🙂 Sorting activities are coming up in the next set of printables!


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