Printables – Lacing Activity (Spring 春 and Fortune 福)

Since the Chinese New Year is approaching, I’ve decided to create some simple DIY activities revolving around the festival for C and G. For a start, I did some lacing activities with G:

This is a simple lacing board that I did with chinese new year decoration (easily bought from the stores). The word 福 (fú) means blessings or good fortune.
I simply pasted it on a 13cm x 13cm board, and punched holes 2cm apart on the circumference. 350gsm card stock was used, and it’s sturdy enough to withstand wear and tear. For threading, I used a 1cm width ribbon (about 70cm long)

This is the result:

Simple threading with the word 福

Simple threading with the word 福

The Chinese New Year is also known as the Spring Festival (春节). Here, I’ve created a lacing board with the word 春 (chūn) for G.
The board is around 10cm x 10cm. Ribbon used is 0.5cm width, around 65-70cm long.

Before threading

Before threading

After threading

After threading

If you liked the lacing activities above, download the printables here! 🙂 ==> Threading – Spring and Fortune

I’ll be sharing more printable activites as we start the countdown to the Chinese New Year. Do stay tuned 🙂

Do you have any DIY materials to share?


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