A picture of Spring


I was archiving some of C’s artwork when I came across this picture that she drew last year. It was inspired by the music that she played for her piano recital-Spring by Vivaldi from The Four Seasons. When asked why she liked that piece of music, she replied simply: “Because it is happy music.”

And yes, doesn’t the picture reflect the joy of childhood? This is typical of her drawings – brightly coloured, and everyone has a smile on their faces (even the butterfly is smiling!). I should post a picture of her rainbow cat someday 🙂

Some may think that I should correct her, tell her that there are no rainbow-coloured cats, or that butterflies do not have mouths. I prefer to let her express herself which ever way she chooses. If she wants to draw a five-legged rainbow dog, why not?

I know that in a few years time, she will be coloring chicks yellow, skies will be blue, and clouds white. Animals will be anatomically correct. And I will miss the rainbow-coloured, smiley-faced animals.


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