Product review: Pengaloo



For those of you who think board games are dry and boring, let me introduce you to the game “Pengoloo”.

Recommended age
This is a game designed to be played by children ages 4 and upwards. Yes… you read it correctly. 4 years old and above.

First, the contents:
12 incredibly cute penguins
12 coloured eggs
2 coloured dice
4 iceberg scoring boards

Penguins, eggs, dice and scoring board

Penguins, eggs, dice and scoring board

How to play
Game play is simple. Hide the coloured eggs under the penguins (the bottom of the penguin is hollowed out for this purpose).
The youngest player rolls the two coloured dice first and gets two chances to find matching colored eggs under the penguins.
If the player finds a matching egg, he or she gets to place the penguin on their iceberg. The first player to collect six penguins wins.

For more complicated play, the players get to “steal” the other player’s penguins if they are able to find matching coloured eggs under the penguins on the iceberg scoreboard.

C’s review
I bought this to play with C (then 4+) and my nephew (3+) beginning of last year, and they both enjoyed the game tremendously. Rules were simple, and it was a test of their memories. She still enjoys playing it now.

G’s review
I brought it out to try with G today. Of course he is still young to understand how to take turns, so I modified the game slightly – first I showed him 3 different coloured eggs before I covered them with the penguins.

A closer look at the penguins and eggs

A closer look at the penguins and eggs

I then asked him to look for the correct coloured egg 🙂 He loved it! I’ll add more penguins to increase the complexity. It’s a fun method of photographic memory training too.

Where is the blue egg?

Where is the blue egg?

My review
First and foremost: Incredibly cute penguins!
Second: the game pieces (penguins, eggs, dice, scoreboards) are all made of solid wood, so it’s definitely sturdy.
Third: Fun, fun, fun for the entire family! Everyone gets to work on improving their memory too 🙂

Highly recommended! I’m considering getting a second set so that it’ll be more challenging with more penguins and eggs to uncover.

Which board games do you and your family play?


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