Credits: jimbenton.com

When I saw this picture on my Facebook wall, I couldn’t stop myself from smiling. This is EXACTLY what I am facing with 5 year-old C.

Typical conversation when I get home from work:
C: Hi mummy, you’re back!
Me: How was school today? Did you enjoy yourself? What did you learn in class?
C: I don’t know. Nothing much. *shrugs shoulders*
Me: You had science class today, right? What did you do?
C: we played games and sang some songs.
Me: Sounds fun! Can you sing me the song?
C: I cannot remember… Mummy, I saw a funny looking bird today! (and goes on to describe the bird)

Don’t get me wrong. C loves school and she chatters on in detail about other things (about how she saw a leaf skeleton, about the ants that crawled in a row, about white flowers she saw on a tree on the way back from school…)She just chose not to report her activities in school (probably because she didn’t see the need to)

I’ve come to realize this: for C, the discovery of a pretty flower weighs far more in her mind than the phonics that she learnt in class. And that she is telling me about the things that matter most to her right now.

So I’ll just listen to what she has to say, instead of hearing what I want to hear.

What did your child tell you today?


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