G at Heguru: the second lesson

G attended his second class at Heguru yesterday.

In my previous post, I gave a brief description of activities that were done in the class. In the second lesson, most of these activities were repeated.

Reinforcement of concepts
However, it was not merely a repetition. In addition to the items presented during the first class, the teacher added on more information.

Some examples as follow:
1. A landmark in India was introduced in the first class.
There were additional pictures on the whiteboard showing the monument in detail, and its location on a map.

2. Iroita
We did tangrams instead of iroita. We were supposed to form a tree with the tangram pieces provided (an outline was given on paper)

Wooden Tangram

Wooden Tangram

4. Linking memory (or story memory)
 Same set of cards but  in a different order (i.e. different story).

5. Peg memory
 This time we were to remember the items tied to the number. Eg 2-tooth, 3-tree

6. Angles
After the introduction of the types of angles using flashcards and song, the teacher proceeded to show the position and names of the angles on the whiteboard.

7. Physical activity
Instead of simply balancing, this week we had to hop on one leg

8. New activity
This week we did eye tracking. The teacher had a small picture attached to the end of a string tied to a rod (like a fishing rod). She waved it around really quickly and the children (or rather the parents) had to determine the colour and the object that was tied to the end of a string.

G’s reaction
G was definitely in a better mood on Sunday, having recovered from his flu.  He had skipped his afternoon nap, and I thought that he would be cranky, but he was really attentive in class. It helped that the teacher modified the introduction part, so that he didn’t have to go all the way in front of the class to collect his name card (the teacher came forward instead). Instead of having to introduce himself, the teacher asked him to touch his head (yay, this he can do!)

Surprisingly, he got the ESP part correct again! This week they were supposed to sense if they were holding a blue spoon (water) or an orange one (orange juice), and he managed to get the correct answer. Ok it’s a 50-50 chance but it is a really lucky coincidence for the two weeks. He also managed to get some of the dots on the correct part of the picture during the 2nd ESP session.

My reaction
Of course, I was pleasantly surprised that G enjoyed himself despite missing his afternoon nap. I was glad that the school acted on feedback and modified some of the activities so that it would be more age appropiate. The flow was also significantly improved with some tweaking on the way activities were conducted (each child had a worksheet for matching number to quantity, instead of taking turns on a big board)

I liked the way the lessons were conducted, with a short reinforcement of previous concepts learnt before moving on to introduce new items. And I’m getting better at linking memory (I can now remember 38 cards :)) I think G would be able to benefit even more.

Both G and mummy enjoyed the class! Hopefully G continues his interest in the class, and I’m looking forward to more interesting activities at Heguru. I’ve signed up for another month. Will be giving more updates soon!


3 thoughts on “G at Heguru: the second lesson

  1. Zee

    Sounds really interesting! How old must a child be to be able to join the class? And I assume there are different classes for different age groups?

    1. mummyshymz Post author

      Hi Zee,
      At the moment Heguru Singapore conducts infant & toddler classes for children ranging from 6months old to 5years old. From my discussion with the principal, they group students according to the year that they were born in. So if Aly attends, she could be G’s classmate 🙂

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