Product review: Mandala app for iphone

Colour mandalas are used in right brain schools like Heguru and Shichida to train photographic memory and visualisation ability.

Usually the mandalas are flashed on a screen for one to five seconds during which the child is to input an image of the mandala in the brain. Three aspects are recorded in the memory: the colours, the positions of the colours, and the shape of the mandala. The child has to reproduce an exact image of the mandala by drawing it on a blank piece of paper (for younger children, they start by filling in the colours of a blank mandala)

For home practice, I have purchased mandala cards and printed worksheets for colouring. However, this is mostly limited to home use since I didn’t want to lug flashcards, paper and crayons along when I’m out.

So when I found this free app I was really excited. I happened to find this by chance while surfing for apps for right-brain activities. It’s called “Mandalas – memory trainer


Mandala app for iphone

Modes of play
In the app, there are two modes of play – colouring or matching. There are also four levels of difficulty.


Game modes and difficulty levels

It even allows you to customise the duration that the image is shown! For younger children, start with 5s display.


Timeout customisation

Colouring mode
In the colouring mode, there is a colour palette that allows the user to fill in the colour of a blank mandala.


Sample of mandala

Just tap the colour, followed by the appropriate area to fill it in. Easy-peasy.


Blank mandala to be coloured

Matching mode
In the match mandala mode, there are 4 mandalas to choose from.


Sample of mandala

4 different mandalas are then shown at the bottom of the screen – one of which is the correct answer.


Pick from 4 mandalas for the correct answer

My suggestions
For ages 0-2: the matching mode would be appropriate since the child only has to select the correct mandala.
For ages 3 and above: the coloring mode can be selected.
To increase the challenge, the timing can be gradually reduced from 5seconds to 1second.

This is definitely a must-download app for those who want to work on their photographic memories on the go 🙂 My only gripe is that the colours have already been pre-selected instead of choosing from a palette, and also that we cannot create our own mandalas. But hey, it’s free!

This app is useful for the adults too. I tried a few exercises – it’s not as easy as I thought it would be. I could definitely use some help to improve my memory 😉

Do you have any apps to recommend?


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