B week activities

In the previous posts on B week, I had posted activities done mainly with C. Of course, G was not left out. Here is a roundup of what was done:

B is for book
The book chosen was the classic “We’re going on a bear hunt”. I printed some cards showing the journey to the bear’s cave, and asked G to place it in sequence. This is similar to the linking memory game in Heguru/Shichida. Of course in this case it’s a story well-known to G and linking memory will make sense to him later.

We're going on a bear hunt!

We’re going on a bear hunt!

Scenes from "We're going on a bear hunt"

Scenes from “We’re going on bear hunt”

I also placed bear counters in a container of cotton balls for G to find. I think he found the cotton balls more interesting, haha. The bears are shown peeking out here:

Can you see the bears?

Can you see the bears?

B is for body
We also learnt about the parts of the body.
For G, it was the identification of parts of the body, using flashcards. He loves flashcards, especially this set. When shown the cards, he would point to the corresponding parts of his body.
To make things more interesting, we included songs in different languages in the repertoire for the week – “Heads, shoulders, knees and toes“, “Where is thumbkin“, "身体が元気?”, “Savez-vous planter les choux“.

Parts of the body flashcards

Parts of the body flashcards

Where is your teeth?

Where is your teeth?

C learnt about the internal organs and bones in the human body. Coincidentally, I saw the same information on the bulletin board in her class!

Matching the names of internal organs

Matching the names of internal organs

B is for black (and white)
One of the few words that G is able to say is black. So he had fun pointing at all the black and white animals in this book, as well as simple sorting of colours. We also did some shadow play 😉

Black and white!

Black and white!

B is for broom
Haha, this is a life-skill we wanted him to learn – to be able to do household chores. For him, it’s still part of exploring how tools work, and it’s great fun 😉 I think he enjoyed this part the best.

G learning to sweep :)

G learning to sweep 🙂

Not that much done in a week (and a half), but G was a little down under the weather during the week (a flu bug that he caught in school :() Hopefully the little guy recovers soon, and we can start on C week.

What suggestions do you have for B week?


2 thoughts on “B week activities

  1. Shamente

    Hi there! I was wondering were you found the “scenes” for we’re going on a bear hunt, I love them. Thank you so much for answering! Shamente


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