B is for Butter Biscuits

Another B week project – biscuit baking! Cooking is not exactly my forte (those who know me can attest to that), and the last time I baked was in school during home economics class almost 20 years ago. So this is a BIG project, haha. My first butter biscuits!

I googled for the recipe – “butter biscuit recipe” and came up with this recipe for the world’s best butter cookies. Ingredients were simple, and there were only 9 steps involved. Ok I could do this!

Baking with C
First things first, I got C to weigh all the ingredients – sugar, flour and butter. I didn’t have all-purpose flour, so I used self-raising flour instead.

Simple ingredients

Simple ingredients

The recipe called for an egg yolk. C had learnt to crack an egg during her holiday baking class for kids, and insisted on doing it. I must say that she did a pretty good job here, sans the little bits of egg shell in the bowl. Thank goodness my mum had a yolk separator in her stash of cooking equipment- I would definitely have problems doing it the traditional way.

C trying to crack the egg

C trying to crack the egg

Then to mix everything in….

Mixing butter in

Mixing butter in

Add the flour...

Add the flour…

I didn’t manage to take pictures during the kneading process. My hands were too oily from the butter to hold the camera. It was a little messy, with flour almost everywhere, but finally we managed to get it in a roll. Instructions said to put it in the fridge or freeze it, so I chose to put it in the freezer. It came out hard as a rock! After a few minutes of thawing, it could be cut. C did the honours (with my help of course)

Dough ready to be cut

Dough ready to be cut

Ready for baking!
Here is the first batch of biscuits. I had only a tiny toaster oven, so I had to bake in several batches. Mistake here – the tiny biscuits here got burnt!

Ready for baking!

Ready for baking!

I’m not sure if it was due to the self-raising flour I used, but the biscuits grew. Or maybe they were supposed to do that, I’m not sure. But we had stuck together biscuits. G made a grab for the biscuits before I could take a proper picture, so there’s one with a tiny bite mark.

First batch of biscuits

First batch of biscuits – burnt!

The second batch turned out nicer. Not picture perfect, but not burnt 🙂 Both kids had homemade biscuits for tea. Yummy!

Yummy butter biscuits! (or cookies in the US)

Yummy butter biscuits! (also known as cookies in the US)

Lessons learnt
Besides C learning about metric units, measurement and estimation skills,  mummy learnt that she could bake if she tried! Practice makes perfect, maybe next week we could try C for Chocolate cake! 🙂 Wish me luck!

Do you have simple recipes to share?


4 thoughts on “B is for Butter Biscuits

  1. stacyskids

    Very sweet! My kids’ favorite recipes are the ones they make themselves- even if they’re a bit darker than I’d prefer! Brave mom for even letting her crack the egg!

  2. genn

    Yes, my dear… your cookies grew because self-raising flour is usually used for cakes. Gotta use all-purpose or plain flour for cookies. Self-raising flour can be used if the recipe calls for baking powder (which in this case then, you omit the baking powder).

    http://www.decadenze.com/2012/08/06/my-love-affair-with-disney/ this is my go-to butter cookie recipe but it requires cookie cutting, which may be more fun for C.

    And since you use a small oven, the interior usually becomes much hotter than the temperature you set. You could compensate by lowering the temperature by 10 degrees, or baking it for a shorter time.

    Have fun with C! Baking is not difficult. It’s all just science. 🙂

    1. mummyshymz Post author

      Thanks CY for your advice and for popping by! Hehe, I had no idea that there were so many types of flour around. I had to google what cake flour was :p Loved the Disney cutters, I’ve got some lying around too (bought them last year on a whim).
      Bookmarked your blog for future references. Got to ask you for more advice on blogging and baking in future 🙂


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