B is for the beach

B week started with a trip to the beach!

On Sunday, we brought the kids to the beach. The good thing about staying in a tropical country is that the sun is always out, and it’s(almost) always a good day for a visit to the beach! C was thrilled, and couldn’t wait to start playing in the sand. G followed his sister’s cue, and busied himself by trying out the rake.

C & G at the beach

C & G at the beach

It was interesting to note the contrast between the two children. C, being the more fastidious child, preferred to remain squatting while playing. G, the more easy-going of the two, started by squatting like his sister, but soon settled down comfortably in the sand and started scooping.

Fun at the beach

First squatting…

Sitting down and working on his fine motor skills

… then sitting down and working on his fine motor skills

I had not intended to do any teaching (the beach is for fun and relaxation!) but C observed the tide going out (it was high tide when we arrived), and asked about it. I’m one who believes that when a child asks a question, it has to be answered as factually as possible, so I tried my best to explain the influence of the moon and sun. Thank goodness for a smart phone!

For G, it was mainly a discovery of senses- the feel of the sand on his hands and feet, the differences between wet and dry sand, feeling the sea breeze on his face. In the process, he also worked on his fine motor skills by scooping sand and filling up the little sand moulds.

Of course, the kids got to work their gross motor skills by swimming after the sand play.

Who knew that we could learn so much from a fun trip to the beach? As an added bonus, daddy and mummy had a great time relaxing and chatting 🙂

Have you brought your kids outdoors today?


6 thoughts on “B is for the beach

  1. Emily Walker

    def need to know how much it would cost for 2 kids and 2 adaults to get from baltimore md to virginia beach and and the one adault to return back to maryland . and whats the closest bus station to manchester maryland . need to know as soon as possible

  2. booklovinggrandma

    Every moment can be a teaching moment. I’ve discovered this when reading a book to a class, and finding myself fielding questions and leading a discussion about it. Our grandchildren also provide many opportunities for us to conduct “classrooms without walls!” Thank you for liking my post.


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