Fun with the magic box

Magic box with the letter B

Magic box with the letter B

What can I do with an empty box, recycled Christmas wrappers and bored kids? Create a magic box!

Kids love shiny stuff, so naturally C & G were delighted to see the empty box all wrapped in shiny paper. Of course, this was no ordinary box, it was a magic box! Both C and G went “oooooooh!”  (G had no idea what magic was, he just repeated whatever his sister said)

With a shiny piece of cloth, a wand, some magic words (“Abracadabra, Alakazam!”) and a quick flourish, the card with the letter “B” appeared in the box. Haha, too bad I didn’t have anyone around to take a picture of the kids’ expressions.

With the appearance of magic letter “B”, C was given the mission: to fill the box with as many objects starting with “B” as possible in 5 minutes.

And this begins the week to introduce G to the letter “B” 🙂


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