Lapbook – Dora

After completing our first lapbook on birds of prey using ready-made templates, I wanted to try doing one from scratch. C is a huge fan of Dora the explorer, from the Nick Jr. animated series, so I decided to use Dora as a theme for our very first DIY.

Dora the explorer – basic geography
Since Dora is an explorer, I included some basic geography and famous landmarks in the lapbook. I had already introduced the various landmarks to C, so it was a good recap of what she had learnt previously.

Famous landmarks and naming the continents

Famous landmarks and naming the continents

Learning Spanish with Dora
In the Dora cartoons, C is also exposed to the Spanish language. She has shown great interest in learning spanish, so part of the lapbook was also dedicated to the language: basic greetings, colours, numbers and common words used in the cartoon (all googled, haha). We do not speak the language, so I’m amazed that she is able to recognize the words, name the colours and count to ten in spanish (which goes to show how much the children absorb from a half an hour cartoon!)

Learning basic spanish with Dora

Learning basic spanish with Dora

There, our very first DIY lapbook! Not very impressive, but C loves it šŸ™‚

Lessons learnt
Although the result looks simple, quite a bit of preparation work was involved. Starting from the topics, to how the contents were to be presented, I spent some time picking out the right format to be used.

The effort was worth it, as C takes it out everyday to go through the Spanish phrases. Me? I managed to learn how to count in Spanish!

What kind of lapbook are you working on now?


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